Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts


  • Fine Prints and Drawings

    We have an inventory of over 1500 etchings, lithographs, woodcuts, drawings and other print media. Here on the site you will find a complete list of our prints, many of which are illustrated with images. For those where no image is as yet available on this site, we can provide images by email. We currently exhibit at the New England Print Fair in Boston, the Washington Print Fair in Washington,DC, the NY Satellite Print Fair at The Bohemian Hall in New York City, and at other selected Antique and Book shows.
  • Purchasing from Edward T. Pollack

    You may purchase items from us using the Shopping Cart feature of this website, or by contacting us directly. We accept credit cards, business and personal checks, money orders and bank transfers. We expect payment with your order unless you are a client who has established a relationship with us. All items purchased from us are guaranteed, and may be returned for any reason provided we are notified promptly of the intent to return, and provided the item has not been altered or damaged while under your control. All items listed, are, of course, subject to prior sale.